PARK CITY - Rashida Jones has written her first feature screenplay, and for her and her co-stars like Andy Samberg, Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood, it's personal.

"Celeste and Jesse Forever" was informed by "lots of pain and previously relationships," Jones said on the red carpet at the film's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this week. "You have to write for yourself if you wanna make it happen."

Director Lee Toland Krieger calls the film "sweet and sour," based on its plot of two best friends (Samberg and Jones) getting a divorce, shocking their friends and making for a surprising future, which includes "the other woman" that everyone seems to like and an "odd friendship" with a pop-tart pop star (played by Emma Roberts).

Check out what the film's stars had to say, about Roberts' "hit" song "Do It On My Face," Elijah Woods' not-so-gay gay character and how unfunny Jones thinks Samberg is.